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About Byzancia
With more than 15 years on the market, Byzancia is one of the biggest European mobile phone and connected devices distribution plateforms.

Best Price
thanks to a unique marketplace approach

In the past 15 years, Byzancia has become one of the european leader in mobile phones distribution. You can count on our strong intermediation network to find amazing offers ! We aggregate prices and stocks for a selection of start up and big distributors to offer you the most competitive price in europe.

Fast Delivery
all over Europe

Delivery speed is a key factor for our numerous clients. Thanks to our 2,000 square meter warehouse in Lyon, we are at the heart of Europe and our good infrastructures enable us to do 2 to 5 days delivery for most of our European clients.

Large Choice
of mobile phones and connected devices

Gathering distributors and start-up company allow us to offer you one of the largest catalog of mobile phone and connected devices of the market. Thanks to our plateform you will be able to offer a much wider choices of products on all your European channel : Store, Webstore and marketplace while still saving time!

Our Services

We can deliver your orders anywhere in major European countries thanks to our all-in-one integrated model.
Our 2,000 square meter warehouse and a top notch IT plateform are dedicated to our partners and suited to our clients needs.
Delivering fast and well to our clients is our core mission.

Drop Shipping

We can also make direct delivery to your clients at very competitive cost. This enables you to minimize any overstock or inventory cost.

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